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GroundView Productions is dedicated to giving a face to what some refer to as only the “collateral damage” of war. In 1969, the founder of GroundView Productions, David Lynn (Bio/References), experienced the war in Viet Nam as an 18 year old U.S. Marine. As a result of this life-changing experience, David became dedicated to exposing the violence of war committed against the innocent. This has sent him down a path leading to the war zones of Northern Ireland (1980), South Africa (1984), Nicaragua (1987), El Salvador (1989&1994), Chiapas, Mexico (1996), Los Angeles, CA (1988-2002) and Iraq (2003). David conveys the reality of war through images and the written word while highlighting the grace, dignity and strength of those who take a stand against oppression and say, “No more.”

David’s camera lens also turns toward the beauty of nature for times of spiritual reflection and restoration. His contrasting images of splendor and savagery are expressions of a world he continues to explore.

GroundView Productions is currently raising funds to produce a video and still-image documentary focusing on positive points of contact between Israelis and Palestinians who have learned to live and work together in the midst of brutality and hatred. In addition, funding for a second project will take David back to Iraq to document the criminal aspects of the ongoing Iraq war and its personal impact on individuals featured in the GroundView production, “Through the Eyes of Children,” which can be viewed on this website.

A special thanks to Lydia Brazon, Executive Director of The Humanitarian Law Project, for her ongoing support and commitment to safeguarding international human rights. GroundView Productions is also very appreciative of our webmaster, Adam Roufberg , for his creativity, expertise and dedication to the human spirit.


All images contained within this website are the original work of David Lynn
GroundView Productions

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